Christmas Gift Guide For Runners

santa speedo run

Santa Speedo Run – why don’t we do these in Britain?!
(John Tlumacki / Boston Globe)

Does the runner in your life leave sweaty laundry everywhere, disappear for hours on training runs, eat like a horse and obsess about split times, PBs and training plans? The answer to all of these is almost certainly a resounding ‘Yes’ – sorry. We do have one magnificent redeeming feature though – we’re REALLY easy to buy Christmas presents for. We will never, ever complain about having more running gear or gadgets. To help make sure you buy the right things, here’s our handy Veggie Runners Christmas Gift Guide.

Running Books
When we’re not running, many of us like to spend our spare time reading about running. There’s a handy widget on the Veggie Runners homepage that links to the Top 10 Running Books, as voted for by our lovely readers. Every one a winner (we know because we’ve read them all).

We’ve been testing Yurbuds, headphones designed specially for runners (i.e. they stay in your ears however much you sweat and jiggle). Our verdict? They’re blimmin’ marvellous. They have a great range and good deals at wiggle (we admit to being somewhat promiscuous with our affections – we love wiggle too). As an extra treat you could sneakily download some of our amazing, totally free running mixes. They’re all created by runners who also happen to be music geeks and are guaranteed to keep your feet moving.

Running Socks
Runners are not fussed about stocking fillers – we’ll make do with actual stocking. We love socks, lovely, lovely running socks. We’re a bit fussy though – we like sweat-wicking, anti-blister ones. Run Breeze are an independent UK company who do socks and only socks – worth checking out. Otherwise try Hilly or Thorlo from a specialist running shops like Up and Running, Runners Need or Sweatshop (who are good outlets for every other product mentioned here too).

Compression Sleeves
Compression socks are popular but there’s a new kid on the block (yes, running has fads and trends too). Compression sleeves for arms and legs are the new thing. They’re said to enhance circulation and aid recovery. Who knows? (At the moment, not doctors or scientists, that’s for sure). They look cool though. Millet Sports has loads of great ones, as well as lots of other specialist gear for runners and triathletes too.

Gloves, Buffs and Hats
All the things that other people would hate to get for Christmas? We runners love them. Look out for touch tip gloves for use with smart phones. Buffs are great for keeping necks warm on cold days then holding your hair back when you get too sweaty (ah, the glamorous life of the runner!) Up and Running have loads, and a 3 for 2 offer on them and lots of other accessories. Hats and headbands are good too – all running shops do them but we’re big fans of the ones from independent retailer Crewroom that say AirHead on them. Can’t imagine why…

Sports Watches
If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could treat the runner in your life to a new sports watch. You can get relatively cheap ones but make sure it has GPS and the facility to download data. It’s all about measuring our triumphs and failures, you see. Garmin has the widest range, with loads of different styles and options on functionality. We’ve been testing the new TomTom Sports Watches this year and have to give them a massive thumbs up too. They’re easy to use (great for people like us who can’t see without our specs on!) and do all the usual cool data-storing, comparison stuff that keeps you on track and tells you what a brilliant runner you are.

So there you have it! Absolutely no excuses for buying the runner in your life crap Christmas presents now, none of that ‘I didn’t know what to get you so I bought you a onesie from Primark,’ OK? Merry Christmas :)

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3 Responses to Christmas Gift Guide For Runners

  1. I hate when people say they’re struggling to buy me something. I would be super excited about every single idea on this page! :-) If all my friends were runners Christmas would be so easy!

  2. I am hoping for some new ‘high vis’ running gear, everything I have from last winter is now a couple of sizes too big after I slimmed down for the New York Marathon.

    A Nike Vapor Flash Running Jacket would be fabulous, but it’s ridiculously priced, so I think Santa should stick to a cheaper alternative.

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