Swim, Bike, Run – I’m doing a triathlon!


No bike shoes, cleats or cycling glasses, but I do have my Sweaty Betty tri outfit…

Just call me Bibi Brownlee – I’m doing a sprint triathlon THIS SUNDAY. How do I rate my chances? Well… Non Stanford really doesn’t need to be worrying any time soon.

It’s a 400m pool swim, which is just 16 lengths, so hopefully I can’t go too far wrong here. As I previously posted, I’ve been going to swim practice with tri club and was told that my left arm “just flops into the water”. Sadly, since then, I’ve started focusing on my left arm, which seems to have made me forget how to breathe, kick and move my right arm. There is SO much to think about with swimming, but I’m sure I can make 16 lengths… right?

Until 6 weeks ago, the only bike I owned had three gears, a wicker basket and a skirt guard. Not quite triathlon material. So, I bought a bike from eBay and have nervously ridden it around my neighbourhood. I’m not very pro – I don’t have any biking glasses so have to wear my nerdy specs, as in the picture. And though I have a water bottle holder as of yesterday, I still don’t know how to drink and ride at the same time so it’s neither use nor ornament. What I am surprised by is how much I enjoy going out on the bike – you cover loads of ground in a short time, and you get little rests going down hills. Wonderful!

Now this should be the one I feel confident about, right? Too bad that THIS happened yesterday after I practiced the cycle course and tried to jog around the car park. (@10 seconds in)

Eeeee, wish me luck!


  1. says

    Good luck for Sunday!
    I am also new to triathlon- got my first one at the end of August- I’m getting my bike this week!
    My arms also flop into the water and I spend so much time trying to get my arms right that I forget the breathing and legs! There is so much to think about!
    Hope it all goes well :-)

    • says

      It’s a bit like patting your head a rubbing your tummy – I can only focus on one of the great number of things at once. I do find it means that I’m totally ‘in the moment’ when I’m swimming – there isn’t a spare inch of my brain to worry, ponder or muse on anything.

      Good luck in August Lucy!

  2. Em says

    Good Luck!

    I’m doing my first too (in 3 weeks), also suffering from left arm flop! I’m hoping my wetsuit will stop me from drowning!

    • says

      While I’m sorry that you have it, I have to say I’m a bit pleased that someone else suffers from left-arm-flop too. Good luck in your triathlon too!

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