Chocolate Race Medals

medals in box 2

What to do with race medals – a problem familiar to all runners. You may hang them up. You might hide the in a drawer and forget about them. OR, if you’re really smart, you could turn your race medals into CHOCOLATE! That way, you celebrate your successes and get to eat them too – talk about win-win. Chocolate Race Medals also make great surprise gifts for the runner in your life. And they look fab wrapped in cellophane and hung on the Christmas tree.

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Abbey Dash Race Report (and your help, please?)

Bring it, Abbey Dash! #sweatybetty #abbeydash #running #fitness #TomTom

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The Abbey Dash

17 seconds is not very long at all. Ordinarily, you lose 17 seconds without even noticing they’ve slipped away, gone forever.

Sometimes, though, 17 seconds is forever, bending time and space with its sheer There-ness.

I had made much hullabaloo about trying to run the Abbey Dash in under 50minutes, but those 17 seconds unequivocally wedged themselves between me and that goal.

On race day, I wanted to run by myself rather than together with Mum – to be alone in the zone as I pushed myself. And push myself I fricken did. 10K is such a ghastly distance, with not one second’s respite from running yourself ragged.

I had high hopes at first, but it was at 8K that I suddenly knew for certain I wasn’t going to come in under 50 minutes. 8K had taken me 40 minutes and 21 seconds, and so each of the last 2K would have to be run at 4:50 pace rather than 5:00. Those paces look so so similar as I write them! Less than 4% difference. But the world of pain in my legs and heart, and the HILL before the finish line, knew otherwise.

I came in at 50:17, not a PB, but a course PB. Disappointing but I can definitely hold my head high, and start planning for the next 10K.

And Mum? She came in at  49:51… I hope she’ll have me back and let me run with her again next time.

Blog Comments

We’ve been half wondering where all of our comments are for a while now. You guys chatter on ALL the time with us on Twitter, we’ve recently started getting some ‘100 Like’ photos on our Instagram and you make us smile on Facebook too. But we never seemed to get any comments on here. Like, ever.

We just make like Swifty and Shook it Off. But then David (who makes some of our great playlists) mentioned the other night that he had written a mega-long comment in response to Sarah’s speedwork article, only to have it disappear entirely. And that it had happened to him several times over the last year.

Turns out, our spam filter has been chucking all of your lovely comments into the bin, along with the 1500 spam comments we get a day. We’re so sad – all of that natter, lost forever! We hate the idea that you’ve been thinking that we’re ignoring you, too.

I *think* I’ve fixed the problem – an overenthusiastic plugin activated in the Summer has been quieted. Please, give us another chance and let us know if it’s truly working. I’d really appreciate a comment or two so I can check that I’m not just chucking my words like letters to Santa up the chimney.

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Fitbug Orb Review

Too old for a Tamagotchi? Try the next best thing and make yourself into your own virtual pet with a lifestyle tracker like the Fitbug Orb. You track your own activity, hours of sleep and nutrition with all the nerdy verve that your 10 year old self reserved for Japanese pocket monsters.

Fitbug on my belt and my little mama on my arm at the Abbey Dash

Fitbug on my belt and my little mama on my arm at the Abbey Dash

It’s great being able to put data to your everyday activity. The first week that you wear the Orb, you just stay as active as normal, then the Orb sets you a target in the second week based on your average steps. If you consistently hit your target each week, 5% is added on to your goal amount, to make it more stretching. You can track your progress on an app on your smartphone, or on a dashboard online, which has a bit more information. Both are well-designed and simple to use, though my app crashed when I tried to upload my steps to my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on more than one occasion. I don’t know if this is to do with how packed my phone is with episodes of Serial and photos of my cats or a problem with the app itself…


The device has three main functions: Nutrition, Sleep and Activity Trackers, below the cut.

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Vegan Rosewater and Pistachio Cake


We believe our greatest gift to humankind is our invention of the post-marathon recovery cake. No doubt our OBEs are in the post. This Vegan Rosewater and Pistachio recovery cake, created for our recent Yorkshire Marathon efforts, was so good we ate it all before I had chance to take any photos on the day. Still, at least that gave me a good excuse to make it again.

This cake has pistachios and chia seeds for protein and, of course, it has carbs too (it is cake, after all), making it the perfect post-workout treat. The lightly fragrant rosewater adds a lovely twist. The resulting cake is moist and spongy but very easy to make. None of that delicately folding flour in – this is robust enough to make in a blender. I used my Froothie, which whipped it up a treat. Continue reading

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