Best Blog in the 2014 Running Awards – Thank You!

Gold-Blog-Veggie RunnersAll weekends are created equal but some weekends are more equal than others, or something like that. We incredibly lucky Veggie Runners had the most fabulously unequal weekend ever – hurrah! First, we went to the glitzy Running Awards ceremony in London. We wore our best frocks, put some slap on and rocked our high heels (or more like rocked about/wobbled in them until we could cope no more – us and heels, not a great combination).

The do – we’re from Up North; it may be a ceremony to some but it’s a ‘do’ to us – was marvellous. We hung out with some of our favourite running bloggers: Lazy Girl Running, Simon Freeman, Liz Goodchild, Leanne from Run Mummy Run and Lunges and Lycra, y’ know, totes our running homies… We met brand new lovely people, such as Barefoot TC, and finally came face to face with pals who we’d only ever emailed with, from Yurbuds to Breathe Unity. We love people, we do.

We were having such fun wining and dining and chatting negative splits and blisters that we kinda weren’t too fussed about winning. But then we did – win, I mean – and totally changed our minds. We’ve never been more yippee in our lives! Drumroll. Silence.

Our names were called by the famous man from the TV (Mike Bushell, a runner himself). ‘And the winner is… (pause for effect) … Veggie Runners!’ Holy flippin’ yahoo!! We won. You helped us win, we love you. Yes, we did get a bit emotional but thankfully they didn’t let us make a speech or we’d still be there blubbing.

Nobody starts a blog to win awards. We created ours just to blather on with like-minded people, but have inadvertently found the best, funniest community who provide us with such support and lovely feedback. We literally could not have done this without you – thank you so much!!

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3 Ways Running Makes You a Totally Rad Skiier


When I was a teenager, we lived in Canada, just 2 hours’ drive away from a ski resort. Most years, either out of charity or some comedy value, we, “The Brits” would end up being invited for the weekend at someone’s chalet. I loved the big dinners with friends, the apres ski, hot chocolate with rum in it, Scrabble, the Clif bars… the skiing? Not as much.

I did like it sometimes, but I also remember being simultaneously cold and sweaty, exhausted from carrying my skis about, terrified of even the slightest gradient and pretty stroppy a lot of the time (sorry, everyone I was with).

Following a long break, I’ve recently got back on the piste and have fallen in love with it. What’s changed? Well, me. And the thing that has changed me most has been running. Here are the three big ways that running can make you, like, a super gnarly skiier.

1. You’re Fit

Kind of a no-brainer, but having strong legs is good for making your skis move in the direction you want them to. And having good aerobic capacity is good lugging your skis to the chair lift/bar. A ski ‘holiday’ is basically exercising 7 hours a day, which is pretty tricky if you don’t train much normally.

Healthy bodies recover quicker from exercise quicker. This is handy when you’ve been using your muscles careening down frozen tundra all day and expect to do the same for the rest of the week without fatigue and injury.

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