Beet Greens and Ginger Smoothie

beet greens smoothie

Photo: Zsolt Sandor /

Beetroot makes you run faster. You know that. We know that. Every runner on the planet who’s ever aimed for a PB knows that.  We roast the sweet roots, make all manner of delicious dishes, run like the wind and pee pink and pretty. Yes, we love beetroot.

But what of their wonderful leaves? I seriously hope you don’t chop them off and chuck them. They’re so good for you it’s unreal. Where to start? They contain protein, fibre, iron, vitamins A and C and calcium, which I think you’ll agree is a fairly hefty punch for a bunch of streaky leaves.

This smoothie ups the nutritional ante even further by adding in coconut water, everyone’s favourite rehydrating drink. Throw in a heap of dried dates to replace lost electrolytes and ginger, which has anti-inflammatory properties, and you have the perfect post-run recovery drink. Or a wonderfully refreshing way to start your day, or perk you up in the afternoon. Or whenever. It’s a fantastic drink for anytime you want to treat your body right. Which is anytime, right?

I used a high-powered blender – my wonderful Froothie – to whizz up the beet greens. You’ll get there with a stick blender or slower model but it may take a while.

Note: I loved this with the banana in but my delightful taste testers preferred it without. I’d suggest making it without first and adding it in if you fancy your smoothie slightly sweeter and/or thicker. Continue reading

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Chocolate Chia Seed Protein Balls

chia choc protein balls

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… No, no, not Christmas – it’s marathon training time. Yippee! Well, not always maybe. There are a lot of miles to cover and sometimes it seems like not enough legs to run them on.

That said, every cloud has a silver lining and these Chocolate Chia Seed Protein Balls will definitely be the sunshine in your lunch box if you’re pounding out the miles at the moment. Even if you’re not, they make a great energy snack and will keep you fuelled and help you recover from any kind of workout. With chia seeds and pecans, they’re protein packed for muscle repair, have dates to help replace electrolytes lost through sweat and, well, they taste of chocolate. What’s not to love? So whether you’re hiking, running, spinning, gyming, swimming or doing anything else that moves your body, this is the treat for you.

I’ve been sent a glitzy Optimum 9400 blender, aka a Froothie. I whizzed these protein balls up in that, which made them super-light and fluffy. Other blenders will do the trick – we’re not grinding granite here, after all – but if you are looking for a new blender, the Froothie comes totally recommended.

These protein balls are quick and easy to make, no cook and vegan too. We call them powerballs and think you will too once you’ve tried them. Amazeballs is so last year.

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Peach and Prosecco Ice Cream {Vegan}


A recipe that leaves you with 3/4 of a bottle of prosecco that you need to drink? You’re welcome! You can thank me later… if you remember. You can even take aside some of the peach puree before mixing the other ingredients in to whip up some bellinis while you wait for the ice cream to freeze.

The prosecco is not just a pretty face in this recipe. Yes, its flavour pairs perfectly with peach and rosewater, but the little bit of alcohol also prevents the ice cream from freezing into a rock hard block like some homemade ice creams can do. You’ll still need to remember to keep stirring it as it freezes, unless you have an ice cream maker.

I love all the fruit in season at the moment! I got a job-lot of peaches from the market, biked home with them in my backpack, and realised they were possibly a bit worse for wear. Perfect for blending, in fact. So, I popped them in my newest toy – my super-duper speedy blender – and the rest is heatwave history.

The Froothie blender Optimum 9400 absolutely marvelous. It’s even more powerful than a Vitamix, and you don’t need to buy separate jugs for wet & dry mixing – which means it works out way cheaper than that famous blender overall. I’m still trying to get my head around its capabilities, and can’t wait to explore more possibilities with it (ummm, tahini, anyone?! My life will be complete if I can pull that one off). Take a look at what the Optimum Blender can do, and feel free to suggest recipes for me to experiment on for you guys. I love making recipes, and I LOVE playing with my kitchen gadgets – win-win.

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Commonwealth Legacy Art Run with Architecture and Design Scotland


A bit of a clue to where our latest Art Run was…

This summer we  held the first “Leg-a-See” Art Run with Architecture and Design Scotland. We were proud to be part of  Glasgow’s GREEN2014 programme exploring the environmental legacy of the Commonwealth Games. We had so much fun researching the history and regeneration of Glasgow, and were bursting to share it with the 30 dedicated runners who braved the drizzle to join us on their Saturday morning.


We met at A+DS’s headquarters at The Lighthouse in Glasgow City Centre. Leading a warm-up in an exhibition space is always incredibly surreal – are we runners or… performance artists? Members of the public weren’t sure.

Rainjackets on, we headed out into the busy streets. 7K flew by, with 10 stops, showing Glasgow off to its absolute finest, from sparkling new infrastructure improvements, through to Games venues and weirdly the world’s most gorgeous carpet factory,



My favourite part of the trip was a stop at the Baltic Street Adventure Playground, which is a revolutionary area where kids can be kids, exploring “risky play” and using their imaginations unfettered. Robert, to the right of the picture above, is the play-worker at the site and held us all captivated with his passion for the project. He got some gasps when he told us what the children were ‘allowed’ to do – from creating dens with timber, hammers and nails to cooking cheese toasties over fires they’ve made themselves – and some teary eyes when he told about the confidence that he’s seen building in the kids, and their worries for future funding for the site.

So much thought has gone in to ensuring that the Games are not just a blaze of activity for two weeks, to be forgotten about later. The Athletes’ Village is heated by a combined heat and power plant using a network of underground pipes, which will reduce heating bills by 60% when the area is repurposed into flexible homes for the people of Dalmarnock. Greener traffic connections to the East End have been created, from frequent bus routes, to wide, segregated cycle lanes, to wide pavements that you can get 30 chattering runners down comfortably!

It’s a really exciting time to be in Glasgow, and we so enjoyed being a part of the Commonwealth Games Legacy with Architecture and Design Scotland. We hope that we get a chance to come back and see how the city evolves as the years go on.


If you like the sounds of our Art Runs, read more here, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to keep up to date with new plans. 

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