Light Night Art Runs 2014

Runners, join us on Friday 3rd October  for a free, fantastic, active
Light Night Leeds

zsolt sol 2

Once a year, the city of Leeds becomes a massive art installation, with sound, music, colour, performance, art, projections, film and light, light, light!

Our Light Night Art Runs give runners a chance to get involved, by bringing light, art and running together in dazzling fashion.

Illuminated runners – that’s you! – weave their way through the crowds, making Art Runs a thrilling part of the Light Night experience. This is your chance to see the art and be the art. Setting out from Yorkshire Dance, the 4km runs overlap at key points in the city centre, creating a dynamic vision of light in motion.

For your chance to join in this amazing, fun and FREE event

Eventbrite - Light Night Art Runs

Places are strictly limited.

Light Night Art Runs are created in partnership with Space2,
a Leeds-based arts and wellbeing charity –

Photo: Zsolt Sandor / MothershipUK


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Gingerbread-Spiced Protein Granola Bars


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman, upon finishing a half-marathon, will be in want of ALL THE FOOD. I created these protein filled bars to save my life after the Great North Run.

They’re based on a recipe from the really wonderful Oh She Glows, who does incredibly beautiful vegan recipes. Her recipes have been helping me navigate my way as a dairy-free veggie, as they’re so simple and inventive. Plus,  I’m more excited for her impending baby than I ever will be about any silly royal baby.

Any nuts and seeds are good in my version – whatever you’ve got in the house. I’ve been on a kick making them, testing the recipe, and have had success with mixtures of  sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, chia seeds and even boring old peanuts. The world is your oyster.

I’ve been using Rawlicious protein powder for this recipe, which seems to melt away and doesn’t leave a chalky taste like some can. If you don’t have protein powder, just substitute an extra half-cup of oats to keep the moisture levels right.

The gingerbread spices make them feel a bit treat-y, though they’re free of added sugar and all-natural. I don’t know if it was knowing that these were waiting at the finish line for us, but we managed to knock 3 minutes 30 off our record from last year…

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Running Mix – Keep Running

It’s been a while since I made a running mix, but now that I’m training for the Yorkshire marathon with the Veggie Runners crew in support of WaterAid, I felt it necessary to make something for those long runs.

keep running


This one has a faster cadence  at a steady 170bpm. If that’s too much for you, give my other mixes a listen as they are slightly slower. The mix includes a variety of electronic styles to vary the intensity with a few surprises that you might recognise.

I hope this fuels your run soon.

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Marathon Training on Tour – Bibi’s Highs and Lows in Dorset


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An article I once read by Guardian author Tim Lott has been jangling around in my head a lot lately. The crux of it is, you’re more likely to be simply content in your life without children, but you experience much higher highs and lower lows as a parent, and so you can’t really choose one over the other.

I can’t comment on the original claim (though I am childless and pretty much happy as a clam), but the idea definitely resonates – it makes me think of my marathon training. When I’m just running normally, with no particular goal in mind, if I were to grade my runs on a scale of 0-10, they’d generally fall into the 6-8 score. Sometimes my legs feel a bit tired, and sometimes it all falls into place and I feel wonderful. It’s simply a source of entertainment and contentment.

I’m currently 5 weeks from my second marathon, and have experienced blazes of joy, alongside crushing self-doubt and despair. My best runs can be transcendental – 11 on the scale, while my worst send me crashing down to 0. Sometimes the two can even happen on one run. (As you may remember from my marathon race report…)

Last week while on holiday, I did a 17 miler along Poole seafront, into Bournemouth. The weather was seemingly perfect – weak sun, interspersed with tiny bits of drizzle to keep me cool. I was proud to be out on my big run and had some fantastic playlists to keep me company. For 9 miles I felt wonderful, until I reached Boscombe Pier and it was time to turn around – straight into a wall of wind. Of course I’d felt great – the wind had been in my back for 90 minutes and I hadn’t realised!

The next 7 miles were challenging, fighting against the wind. By mile 14, my breathing was jagged and I let out a little sob or two. WHY am I marathon training? I hate this. A stranger actually asked me if I was okay.

Then, a mile from being done, like clouds skittering over a blue sky – sunshine was back, literally and figuratively. I felt joy at being finished, pride in my longest run this year, and relief that I had been more capable than I knew. I suppose I’d be content doing 10Ks and running with my lovely running group – but marathon runners aren’t content with content. There’s something that needs a bit more.

Besides, it’ll all be worth it in 5 weeks, right?

Would you ever run a marathon?  What have been some of your best and worst training experiences?

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